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New Construction Inspection

Why would someone need a home inspection when the home is brand new?

What is a New Home Deficiency List?

The Home Inspection Report for a new home differs somewhat from that of a standard inspection. If there are items which need to be repaired or completed, a list is compiled and passed on to the builder.

A new home has none of the lived-in wear and tear that we expect to see in an older home.

There is no disclosure declaration from the seller, because the home has not been lived in. The new home is being sold not as-is, but as-new.

The expectation is for the new home to be complete and cosmetically perfect, something you can proudly show to friends and family.

The new home should certainly meet or exceed the minimum building standards.

Home inspectors need to be well informed as to the latest changes in standards, to insure that the buyer is getting the full benefits of new home ownership. With new materials being developed and changing construction techniques, education and a good grasp of building science is essential.

What does the New Construction Home Inspection cover?

The inspection covers all the major systems of the home in the same way that a normal home inspection would be conducted.

On the roof, I will check shingle exposure and look for loose, poorly nailed shingles and incorrect flashings techniques. Overhang at the eaves and gutters should be correct and all shingle work should be to the standards specified by the manufacturer.

Siding is inspected for exposed nails, poor butt joints, missing or unpainted trim and exposed nails. Windows and door flashings are inspected thoroughly

Hairline or small cracks are normal for concrete work, but there is a point where a concrete crack becomes an indicator of a larger problem with the foundation. An experienced home inspector can determine if further diagnosis is needed.

Retaining walls can be a major source of trouble if shortcuts were taken during construction. A home inspection is limited to what is visible at the time, but an experienced eye can pick up details that indicate there may be trouble below the surface.

Inside the home, the garage door opener is operated and the auto-reverse function is checked. The water heater specifics are recorded and all visible plumbing is checked for leaks or crossed connections. Plumbing vents are sometimes found to be incomplete or missing. Without good venting, the drain may work, but there will be future problems with clogging

I will remove the cover from the electrical panel and inspect the installation for incorrect wire sizing, equipment bonding, service grounding and general workmanship. Ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) and arc fault interrupter breakers (AFCI) are checked for proper operation. The home must have the required number of smoke alarms.

All plumbing fixtures in all bathrooms are operated. Tile work is checked. Exhaust fans are operated  and exhaust vent pipes are located wherever possible. Vent pipes in the attic should be wrapped with insulation to reduce condensation problems, and they must be vented to the outdoors through their own dedicated vent flashings.

In the attic, insulation depth and type is recorded and the attic area is checked for missing or loose insulation. Plumbing vent pipes are often left loose until the roofing is done. Sometimes the final connection is overlooked and will only be discovered with a thorough attic inspection. Manufactured trusses are invariably used to support the roof deck in this area.

A good knowledge of structure and construction standards is needed to determine if the builders have followed the plans or resorted to shortcuts in areas that are not normally visible.



Interior Cosmetic Blemishes                                                    Here is an aspect of the New Construction Inspection which differs from a standard home inspection. Paint gaps, blemishes or poor drywall seams in the interior rooms can be marked with green painter's tape. The builder will generally call the painters back if there are cosmetic repairs required.

All thermostats are operated and every room is checked for heating and ventilation. Gas fireplaces are checked and operated if the gas is on. New flooring is checked for damage. Doors and windows are operated.

The laundry area is inspected and if the washer and dryer are installed, the vent and plumbing connections are inspected.

In the Kitchen, the faucet and sprayer hose is inspected and plumbing under the sink is checked. Electrical outlets are tested for proper operation and GFCI protection. Under cabinet lighting and all cabinet doors and drawers are inspected. The range hood fan is operated and the vent is checked. Appliance particulars are recorded, and the dishwasher installation is inspected.

All this and more. I take a lot of pictures during my inspection. I will burn these pictures onto a disc for you to keep as a snapshot of the home on the day of the inspection. A summary of all deficiencies which need to be brought to the builder's attention is compiled from the completed report. This is the Deficiency List. Two copies are provided, onsite, at the end of the inspection.

How will the builder react to a list of complaints?

Professional builders in this area are accustomed to the process and will take it in stride, provided that the requested repairs are reasonable. Here is where a Home Inspector with experience, knowledge and training can make the process amicable and enjoyable.

The purchase of a new home is possibly the biggest investment you will make in your lifetime. Have the home inspected by a professional.


National New Home Warranty Program

The national new home warranty plan for the western provinces provides for the following coverage:

Parts and Labour   2 years                                                              Building envelope   5 years                                                    Structure               10 years

Before these time periods expire, have your home inspected. If there are major problems with the home, they will likely reveal themselves to a trained eye before these time periods run out.

Read more about the National Warranty Program here.








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